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Worker Job Monitor

A basic strategy for monitoring worker activity or for creating a job queue using Call Worker and Call Form…

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Simple Code Execution Dialog

How to create a very simple code execution dialog in 4D. Warning! Be sure to understand the security implications of allowing such functionality!

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Print Selection?

Optimization and the glorious ‘Client log recording’ database parameter.  Are printing processes harassing your server?  Enter the No Harassment Zone!

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Goodnight MosesWalker

Redirect your bookmarks!  After years of operating under the GitHub account named MosesWalker, I decided to rename it to 4DMethod to avoid confusion and make it easier to find.   All previous example code and demos are still available at https://github.com/4dmethod.   … Continue reading

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Dual Nature Of Objects

Exploring some interesting behaviors of the C_OBJECT variable type in 4D.  What is the true nature of the Object… pointer or primitive?

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Apply To Selection?

Old School Optimization Explore the performance differences in 4D between a few commands that can be used for the same purpose but have extremely different processing times that may not immediately be apparent without testing…  Apply To Selection, Array To … Continue reading

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July 20th Meeting – Code Analysis Component from Open Road Development

July 20th, 2016, 12:00 noon, CDT (UTC−5:00) 116 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago IL 3rd floor Please RSVP if attending in person Special Topic: Dani Beaubien from Open Road Development will demo his Code Analysis Component for 4D that is targeted to developers to do … Continue reading

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