Welcome to 4DMethod, the 4D User Group!

We meet to:

  • Provide a community for both 4D users and developers
  • Discuss technical issues with current systems and ideas for future development
  • Offer coding solutions to new and experienced developers
  • Exchange information on opportunities for 4D projects
  • Discuss business topics for users and developers

Since 2012, we have hosted regularly scheduled meetings in Chicago (with the possibility of other cities hosting meetings if venues and hosts become available.)  We share the sessions online live using Zoom.us and make the recordings of previous meetings available on our YouTube channel.  We welcome everyone who is interested in 4D – from just the curious to professional developers.

Guest speakers present to the group on special topics such as development tools, solutions, best practices, system demos, and problems they are solving, and we hope that you will be one of the presenters!  Please let us know of any ideas you have for the group to discuss that would make your 4D life easier.

Email us if you are interested in attending or for more information at 4dmethod@gmail.com

4DMethod is organized by Brent Raymond.  Brent has been a professional 4D developer since the 90’s and has had the opportunity to work with 4D in a variety of industries in Europe and the US.  As a regular attendee of 4D Summit conferences and an avid Knowledgebase and 4D Blog reader, Brent is up to date on the latest methods and capabilities of 4D.  Pressed to solve business requirements using 4D products throughout his career, Brent has been able to extend 4D systems into some interesting directions.

See what Brent is up to now on LinkedIn.

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