4D at the Art Institute of Chicago

I am proud to say that 4D plays a central role in delivering every day in support of the mission of the Art Institute of Chicago.

James Rondeau

Art Institute of Chicago

Art museums matter. As a museum director, one of my essential responsibilities is taking forward the unwavering commitment of my community—colleagues, artists, philanthropic supporters and visitors—to champion the power of art and the experiences that makers, museums and audiences create and share to make sense of our collective past, present and future.

We serve the public at the intersection of intellect and emotion; politics and culture; imagination and knowledge; the familiar and the unknown. In our best moments, museums empower people to explore, on their own terms, expressions of creativity that challenge our assumptions, provoke us to learn more, spark the exchange of ideas and remind us of our diversity and our common humanity.

Change is constant; our social and political conditions are never static, never universal and never simple. Within the context of that uncertainty, that pressure and that stress on communities and individuals, museums matter most when we live up to the public trust: to provide unshakeable spaces where the principles of inclusiveness and diversity may be taken for granted, where there’s no question that cultural exchange and understanding are crucial to how we relate and contribute to our local and global communities, where we can reflect on who we are and imagine who we want to be.

This is demanding and important work that we have done for 138 years, and continue to do with pride and gratitude, each and every day at the Art Institute of Chicago. We need museums, not just “now more than ever”—but always.

Quoted from January 10 edition of The Art Newspaper

4DMethod strives to reflect this vision in all of our activities.

Here are a few screen captures of CITI, the Art Institute of Chicago‘s custom art collection management platform.

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