Just Participate!

Join the meetings, stream them later, comment on the 4D Forum, but whatever you do, stay involved.  We need you in the 4D community!

Demo your work/ application

Programmers, show us what you are developing!  Show off your clever code and interfaces.  Share some of your genius solutions.

Users, give a tour of your application.  What do you like/ dislike about its function?  What do you want to see more of?  What special challenges does your application solve?

Email to suggest a demo topic.

What are the financial needs of 4DMethod?

  • Web hosting.  4DMethod is hosted on  We have grown out of our basic free account and now are at the Premium level which does have a significant cost.
  • Online meeting hosting with  We need Pro level features of Zoom to host our meetings, so that means money!
  • Time.  The meetings require much time to plan and execute.    Although we get much joy from our efforts, this is time that potentially subtracts from paid work.  Give a few dollars to help make sure we can continue the quality and frequency of the meetings.

4DMethod is not financially supported in any way by the 4D company itself.

Become a 4DMethod Patron

We are proud of being able to provide a place for the 4D community to get together and interact from around the world, but this does not come free of cost to 4DMethod.

  • Appreciate the live coding demos?
  • Excited about being able to share your work with the 4D community?
  • Enjoy the updates and direct conversations with 4D reps?
  • Find some nice development tricks in our demo videos?


Through Patreon, you can contribute whatever you like on a monthly basis.  You can choose from 4 levels of reward.  Each level includes all previous rewards, except for the limited ones!

  • $5 – Mitarbeiter (Co-worker in German)
    • Verbal shout out and thank you during the meeting
    • Get a copy of the slides the day before the meeting
    • Contribute an image from your local area photography collection for the 4DMethod site header
  • $10 – Organisateur (Organizer in French)
    • Invite to post meeting video conference to discuss previous meeting
    • Have your own dedicated Demo page on 4DMethod
  • $20 – Consiglieri (Counselor in Italian)
    • Help set dates for future meetings
    • Guarantee demo spot in next year (5 available)
    • Reserved spot in the meeting (5 available)
  • $50 – Jefe (Boss in Spanish)
    • Name/ logo included in a slide in each meeting ala (“made possible by…”)
    • Your name in the meeting description text

Contribute via PayPal