Kentika : an API for efficient electronic document management in 4D – Alexandre Bernard

January 16, 2019, 12:00 noon, CST (UTC−6:00)

Special Topic:
Kentika : an API for efficient electronic document management (EDM) in 4DAlexandre Bernard, Ph.D

Kentika is a French company that has been developing electronic document management (EDM) software in 4D for the last 30 years. Now with about 2000 installations, mostly in Europe and Canada, the PRO version of Kentika allows users to manage all kinds of documents and metadata as well as associated access rights and flows.

The application publishes a web portal using the 4D web server that is fully customizable with little technical knowledge, so Kentika can deploy documentary applications for any trade or company, in an intranet or in the cloud.
Kentika BOX, one of Kentika’s products, allows end users to grab their files and drop them in their web browser in an intuitive way. The files are then converted to different formats for ease of access (PDF or HTML for direct viewing in the browser) and indexed for accurate searching. The converters make it possible to return an HTML version of any office or pdf file with searched words or expressions highlighted.
An advanced management of access rights makes it possible to accurately manage who can access any document without the hassle of setting access rights document by document, person by person.
The experience of Kentika in the field of EDM and Web development now becomes accessible to any developer by the use of a REST API that gives access to all of Kentika’s EDM features from their own software, so a fully functional EDM system can be integrated into any solution with little development involved.
The demo will showcase some of the main features of Kentika and the way the API works (and the testing tool developed and made available on demand). It will showcase an example of how 4D allowed Kentika to stand the trials of time and stay at the top of current EDM technologies.

To be able to ask questions directly via video chat in the hangout, connect with this link.
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To follow along with the meeting slideshow, access it here when it is available…
Slides for January 16th, 2019 meeting

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