4D at Sweetwater Sound: This one goes to 11! Joel Levy

Wednesday, May 8, 2019, 12:00 noon, CDT (UTC−5:00)

Special Topic:
4D at Sweetwater Sound: This one goes to 11! Joel Levy

Sweetwater Sound is one of the largest online retailers of musical instruments and pro audio equipment in the United States and beyond.  Since its start in 1979, Sweetwater has been making musicians’ lives better by providing every customer with a Sales Engineer.  A Sales Engineer is a customer’s “person on the inside”, reaching out to share deals and promotions, following through on previous purchases, and helping guide a customer through any sized purchase.  Whether you are buying a pack of guitar strings or building a professional grade recording studio, your Sales Engineer will be there every step of the way.  But who is there for the Sales Engineer?

In the mid 1990s, Sweetwater developed its own Customer-relationship management (CRM) application in an effort to expedite and simplify all fronts of Sweetwater Sound.  From tracking customer information to managing inventory, the application does it all.  And none if it would be possible without the 4D platform.  Sweetwater Software Engineer, Joel Levy, will be walking us through the day-to-day lives of Sweetwater employees and how they use their app to serve customers all over the globe.  Get ready… This one goes to 11!

To be able to ask questions directly via video chat in the hangout, connect with this link.
!!! Check back to this page around meeting time for an updated link.

To follow along with the meeting slideshow, access it here when it is available…
Slides for May 8, 2019 meeting

Or stream directly on YouTube:

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