A closer look at Wakanada – Saad Mousliki, Greg McCarvell

I am excited to announce our next user group meeting!  This time around, we will focus on Wakanda.  I recently had the good fortune to come into contact with Wakanda Customer Support Team Leader, Saad Mousliki.  You can find several Wakanda demo videos by Saad on Youtube and check out some of his projects on Git.  Given that he will be joining us from Morocco for a 30 minute demo, we will be meeting early at 11:00 AM Central on April 3.  As usual, we will stream the meeting online.  However members are always welcome to join us at the Art Institute of Chicago to attend in person.

Wakanda has come a very long ways since its early days.  In fact the engineers are now working on releasing version 8!  If you haven’t had time to check it out recently, I highly recommend running a few demos in their online showcase.  4D also recently released 4D Mobile so that 4D applications can sync data directly and seamlessly to a Wakanda solution.  I think now is a great time to take a closer look at Wakanda what kind of awesome stuff we can do with it.

In this meeting, we will see a general overview of Wakanda features and have a look at functionality made possible by 4D Mobile.

Special Guests from 4D/Wakanda:
Saad Mousliki – Wakanda Customer Support Team Leader
Greg McCarvell – Wakanda Director of Business Development
David Robbins – Wakanda Technical Account Manager
Xiang Liu – Wakanda Technical Support Team Member

Check out the Midwest4d Google group list for details on how to attend the meeting.  Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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