Next stop, San José

We had a great first meeting this week!  We fired up the web cams, ordered some pizza, and settled in to see what the good folks over at 4D had to show us.  Specifically, Josh Fletcher presented an overview of some of the new features in 4D v13, and Tom Miller gave an interesting talk about Wakanda‘s functionality and placement in the industry.

It was pretty cool be able to have such a direct conversation with some of the top technical staff and decision makers at 4D.  And I was very encouraged by their evident support of our group and their excitement for its potential in serving our community.

I know some of us are looking forward to meeting up at the 4D Summit in San José, CA on October 24th.  We are thinking about having our next meeting sometime in November to recap some of the summit news.  Again we will be streaming it live online, but next time we might give Google Hangouts a try.  Check it out and let us know if you think it would work well for our purposes.

Thanks again to everyone who was able to attend the meeting in person and online.  Be sure to check out our Topics page to vote for what to discuss in future meetings!

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