Database Introspection with QS_Toolbox – Patrick Emanuel

Wednesday, January 22, 2020, 12:00 noon, CST (UTC−6:00)

Special Topic:
Database Introspection with QS_ToolboxPatrick Emanuel

QS_Toolbox is an introspection tool developed in 4D for 4D developers.  It has been totally redeveloped in V17 to take advantage of Objects, Collections, Workers, and other features.

QS_Toolbox allows you to perform an analysis of a database through its different modules: methods, commands, and forms are looked at from every angle in order to give you a maximum of information about the database so you can take the appropriate actions.  Powerful exports can be performed such as the export of the method call sequence in a graphical form.

Patrick Emanuel will give an in depth demo of QS_Toolbox functionality and answer any questions you might have about usage.

This meeting is being hosted on Zoom.  Click the link below to join…

To follow along with the meeting slideshow, access it here when it is available…
Slides for January 22, 2020 meeting
QS_Toolbox slides

If you cannot attend the live Zoom meeting, don’t worry!  A recording will be posted to the 4DMethod Youtube channel after the meeting ends.

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