Are you running preemptive processes in 4D v16?

4D Developer Edition 64-bit for OS X (and for Windows, available starting with 4D v16 R2) offers a powerful feature allowing you to execute 4D code in preemptive processes. Thanks to this new feature, your 4D compiled applications will be able to take full advantage of multi-core computers so that their execution will be faster and they can support more connected users.



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2 Responses to Are you running preemptive processes in 4D v16?

  1. Jody Bevan says:

    With version 15 we took the opportunity to rewrite our shell from scratch. As is usually the case this is about an 8 month project. Therefore we moved up with each new release of 4D so that our shell is written for 16.2. Therefore we converted our code to take advantage of preemptive processing where we could, as well as many other areas. Since this is our shell the first thing we do is write code that is generic so we can quickly create new uses for preemptive processing. We also write example code, and documentation for our shell users so they know how to add them in. Exciting development. Really looking forward to taxing our 16 core computers with this code to see the performance.
    We had already built in object arrays and dot.notation for our C_Objects so we did not need to jump to a later release of v16. As well, we were already writing our code to make use of our dot.notation for our forms so we have not jumped to a later release of 4D.
    It is great to see that 4D and us are of like mind of the future direction of 4D thus far. We are really looking forward to a mature 4D Write Pro that can replace all we used 4D Write for. We like a lot of what they have already done with 4D Write Pro.
    ARGUS Production Inc. team

    • 4DMethod says:

      Hi Jody,

      Thanks for the comment on the preemptive process poll. I saw that it fell into the Polldaddy alternate universe, so I resubmitted it in wordpress for better visibility. Ill be really interested in your experience with the shell with as much preemptive code as possible. This year I started a new web api for a client and made sure that all code, 95% at least including all web processes, was preemptive. The performance is simply beastly. It is really fun to see 4D actually clock out all of the machine’s processors. I’ve been meaning to do a demo/ presentation/ summit session about my experience, but haven’t gotten there yet. After seeing the difference in processing, I keep that in mind in all of my coding now.

      Cheers, and thanks again!

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