4D ACME Client – A Lets Encrypt client in native 4D code – Tim Penner

July 12th, 2017, 12:00 noon, CDT (UTC−5:00)
116 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago IL 3rd floor
Please RSVP if attending in person

Special Topic:
4D ACME Client – A Lets Encrypt client in native 4D code, Tim Penner
It is becoming increasingly important to use encrypted channels for web communications (HTTPS). Sure you can always make a self-signed certificate that lasts 10 years but then your site visitors are prompted with a not-so-friendly warning when they visit your website. It is advised to use a signed certificate from a credible certificate authority. But, then it can become an administrative task to keep the SSL certificate up to date, not to mention the additional cost.

This all changed with Let’s Encrypt! Let’s Encrypt has revolutionized the SSL scene by making the validation process automatic. All you need is a web server that is publicly accessible via a domain name, and be able to speak the Automated Certificate Management Environment (ACME) protocol.
Let me show you how to get FREE SSL Certificates for the 4D Web Server that can be automated in native 4D code, utilizing the 4D ACME Client component.

** Ask questions and post comments before and during the presentation via the dedicated discussion thread on Reddit.  We will monitor the thread during the meeting to include comments in the discussion.

To be able to ask questions directly via video chat in the hangout, connect with this link:
!!! Check back to this page around meeting time for an updated link.

To follow along with the meeting slideshow, access it here when it is available…
Slides for July 12th, 2017 meeting

Or stream directly on YouTube:

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