4D Server Monitoring using Grafana and Prometheus – Thomas Maul

Wednesday, October 6, 2021, 12:00 noon, CDT (UTC−5:00)

Special Topic:
4D Server Monitoring using Grafana and Prometheus – Thomas Maul

Grafana is a well-known, open source tool to visualize data metrics such as CPU load, disk IOPS or network traffic. People have used Grafana to create some pretty incredible dashboards for tracking anything from Kubernetes container-orchestration system, to home energy usage, to website performance, to GitHub repository activity, to Covid-19 cases, and on and on.

Prometheus, also open source, is used to fetch and store raw metrics in the form of time series and can be used for event monitoring and alerting. Grafana and Prometheus are easily used together to generate beautiful and informative dashboards that will offer powerful insight into performance data.

In this meeting, Thomas Maul, the VP of Product Strategy for 4D and Managing Director for 4D Germany, will demonstrate how 4D, Grafana, and Prometheus make a power trio that rocks.

The presentation gives a quick overview how to install Grafana and Prometheus and how to setup 4D Server to provide metrics, such as:

  • Read and Write operations on disk or cache
    • Total
    • Separated by table, record or even index!
  • Database queries by operation
    • Counting how many of a given type (such as <= fieldname)
    • How much time this required

And of course, all this data and more will be shown in a Grafana dashboard.

The monitoring visualization allows in depth analysis of your disk or cache load in production and a better understanding what your system is doing for troubleshooting. Watch the operations just happening now – or check what the server did yesterday afternoon. Or compare your server performance before/after code optimization or hardware replacements. Or customize the dashboard by adding your own event driven data sources that give you better insight into running your operations.

This meeting is being hosted on Zoom.  Click here to join…

To follow along with the meeting slideshow, access it here when it is available…
Slides for October 6, 2021 meeting
Thomas Maul Presentation Slides
Chat log

Have comments or questions after the meeting?  Either post them here or to discuss.4d.com.

If you cannot attend the live Zoom meeting, don’t worry!  A recording will be posted to the 4DMethod Youtube channel after the meeting ends.

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